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Sv: Cardion AB Grand Prix Ceske Republiky
berghult: "konfirmation" på Spies befodran jag nämnde.


Sv: Cardion AB Grand Prix Ceske Republiky
Salle: Två små utdrag från en intervju med Valentino.

Q. Since yesterday it's official you're going to Ducati, a dream come true for many Italian fans. What does it mean for you exactly?

VR: It is good. Is a good feeling, and especially because I avoid all the people in Italy from the man who sells the newspaper to the people who make the coffee who say: 'Why you not go to Ducati? When you go to Ducati?' So this is more easy [laughs

Q. Next year when you race the Ducati, you'll be 32, seven years older than when you made your last change. Is this going to be more difficult than the last time?

VR: For me, is easier about bike, because for sure the Ducati is more competitive than the M1 in 2003, but more difficult about me, because I am older, and I have very strong rivals. But we have to try, no?

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