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Sv: A propósito de nada
Adam Boqvist hade 2 ass mot Detroit i natt. Galen match som slutade 8 - 6 till Detroit.


Sv: A propósito de nada
Patrick Kane om Boqvist:
“If you’re ready, you’re ready,” Kane said. “Who cares about the age? He has done a great job of coming in here with maybe not such high expectations but maybe you hear he’s 2-3 years away, and then all of a sudden he’s sticking out at the beginning. You can see the skill level, you can see that he’s a pretty impressive player. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes it.”

“The thing about him is he’s been one of the most noticeable guys on the ice every time he’s out there. Very high skill level, fun to watch. It seems like he can play at this level. He has had a pretty impressive camp.”

Kul för Adam och ännu ett kvitto på att Brynäs gör ett bra jobb på att utveckla ungdomar.